About Us

About us. medscholarships.info is a subsidiary of Godcentvc which is a world of Technology services that brings you updates on the latest technology and news. Specifically, medscholarships.info provides you latest updates on different scholarships for medical students. These scholarships are for both local and international levels.


About us

Igwe Godwin V.C is a renowned researcher who colorfully obtained a degree in Agricultural Economics, Management and Extension (B.Agric). His interest in Technological tutorials and News generally led him into researching more on Information and Communication Technology as a field of great interest.

He’s a writer with so many publications and affiliations. You can CLICK HERE to view his publications. He’s an expert in the use of technological softwares like SPARSus, SPSS, STATA etc. His interest in technological research and development has given him affiliation with many research institutions. He uses medscholarship.info as a platform to bring lots of opportunities to medical students at different levels.

He has been certified as a DevOps Engineer and Linux Administrator.

Presently, he is operating several niche blogs, YouTube channels, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, and working on some affiliate marketing focused growing tech-based websites, and providing information about best tech and products.



To be among the world’s leading information provider with aim of bringing you the latest updates and news on scholarships  for medical students.


As experts in Information and Communication Technology (ICT), our mission is to guarantee quality and sincere news and technology updates with aim of satisfying customers’ need with aim of putting and sustaining smiles on the faces of all and sundry.

Value Proposition

  • Our reputation is the sole of our sustainability. Therefore, we promise to bring to the public nothing but the TRUTH. To provide services that wins and continues to win the loyalty of our friends (customers) who shall continue to defend our quality at any point in time.
  • We shall continue to be SINCERE in all our dealings with aim of sustaining a WIN WIN relationship with our customers at all times
  • We shall not have any reason to deviate from the STANDARD OF TRUTH, HONESTY AND SINCERITY at every point in time.


Our major objective is to continue to bring to the public the latest updates to ensure that the world remains informed at all times. This is to empower the world using our company and continue to prove the efficacy of the assertion that INFORMATION IS POWER!!! KNOWLEDGE IS WEALTH!!!