Allied Loan For Service

The Allied Loan For Service main purpose is to ensure that the number of physician assistants in the aspect of the state which is low in health practitioners supply. They are able to do this by making sure that educational loans are made available to students who are seeking for certification/licensure in a very qualified health field.

For more information about this very important service loan, kindly made sure that you read this blog till the end for full detail.

The field in which students are expected to be in includes:

  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech-Language Pathology
  • Audiology
  • Pharmacy
  • Respiratory Care
  • Laboratory Technology
  • Mental Health-Social Services
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Nutrition
  • Dental Hygiene

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As a condition of each loan, the student shall declare his/her intent to practice as a health professional in a designated shortage area within the state of New Mexico.
For every year of service provided in a designated shortage area within New Mexico, a portion of the loan will be forgiven. If the entire service agreement is fulfilled, 100% of the loan is eligible for forgiveness. Penalties will be assessed if the service agreement is not satisfied.

Who can apply for  the Allied loan for service:

To be qualified for this loan service, you must have:

  • New Mexico Resident (12 consecutive months)
  • Attend a public post-secondary institution in New Mexico
  • Undergraduate or Graduate
  • Enrolled at least half-time
  • Demonstrate financial need (meeting all FAFSA & SAP requirements)
  • Student must declare his/her intent to practice as a health professional in a designated shortage area within the state of New Mexico

How To Apply for Allied Loan For Service:

For you to be able to apply for the Allied loan for service, you should look through the following carefully.

  • Student shall complete the FAFSA;
  • Complete the Loan-For-Service Application;
  • Submit the complete application packet to the New Mexico Higher Education Department via email;
  • Current program recipients will need to apply each year for funding.

When To Apply

The application opens every year on May 15th and closes on July 1st.

Where To Apply

The application will be available on this page (below) starting May15th and will be removed from the page on the closing date of July 1st.


The award is based on financial need of the student. The award may not exceed $12,000.00 per year.


The award is for a period of one year but may be renewable for up for four years upon resubmission of an application each year.

Shortage Areas:

  • Community Health Centers;
  • Federally Qualified Health Centers;
  • Homeless Healthcare Centers;
  • Indian Health Services;
  • Migrant Health Centers;
  • Non-profit centers/clinics – 501 (c ) 3 IRS verification must be provided;
  • Non-profit Hospitals – 501 ( c) 3 IRS verification must be provided;
  • Rural Health Clinics.


The Allied Loan-For-Service Program Application will open May 15, 2023


You will be required to upload the following documents to your electronic application:

  • Essay (Typed, Minimum of 400 words, 500 Maximum)
  • Program Letter of Acceptance
  • Most Current Unofficial Academic Transcript
  • Copy of Driver’s License or Government ID
  • Institution Certification Form (completed by your financial aid office at your institution)


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