Bayer Foundation Medical Fellowships

Bayer Foundation Medical Fellowships brings you great news to make you happy as a medical student. This foundation is interested in helping medical students achieve their goals to further their education.  To get more information about this, Visit, you can also click here for similar updates.

This scholarship program is organized to enhance the collaboration with bodies and organizations as well as provides unique opportunities for personal and professional development. For more information about this fellowship, ensure you read this blog till the end.

Bayer Foundation Medical Fellowships Breakdown:

  • Name of Organization: The Bayer Foundation
  • Deadline: Not specified.
  • Announcement Date: June 12th, 2023
  • Duration: maximum of six months
  • Type: Fellowship
  • Eligible nation: International

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This scholarship opportunity is for medical students who are in or outside Germany who are also interested in Master’s and PhD programs.

About Bayer Foundation:

The fellowships and stipends offered by the Bayer Foundation provide remarkable opportunity for gifted young people from all around the world to grow as individuals, acquire new perspectives, and establish important connections. With this help, they want to provide remarkable people the possibility to make a big impact on the world and set new boundaries in the future.

The Bayer Foundation’s numerous programs offer amazing chances or assistance to a wide spectrum of people, with cooperation and equity at the core of their fellowships. They offer opportunities for instructors, apprentices, and young workers in scientific companies, as well as help for young women with children who want to pursue academic careers. These opportunities are available to young scientists from all over the world.

Offered Scholarship:

Outstanding master’s, PhD, and medical students can apply for one of three scholarships from the Bayer Foundation to pursue overseas research projects, internships, and other opportunities. These fellowships are intended to improve already-existing study programs by adding money for global experiences that complement ongoing or upcoming scientific research.


Candidates can participate in fellowships for two weeks to six months and get up to 10,000 euros in support. Individuals studying in Germany are required to do internships in another nation, and those studying abroad are required to complete their fellowships at a German research center.


For Carl Duisberg Fellowships for Medical Sciences: For an MSc or PhD (or equivalent) in medical engineering, applied medical sciences, public health, or data science in medicine, candidates must be enrolled in a program in human or veterinary medicine. Postdoctoral researchers in medical engineering, applied medical science, public health, and data science in medicine, and undergraduate students, are not permitted.

For Otto Bayer Fellowships for Drug Discovery Sciences: Candidates must be enrolled in graduate-level coursework toward an MSc, PhD, or equivalent degree in data science, pharmacy, or a related field.

For Jeff Schell Fellowships for Agricultural Sciences: Candidates must be enrolled in natural science or data science programs leading to an MSc, PhD, or equivalent degree.

Documents Requirements

  • A proposed budget that details every expense, such as travel, rent, one-time expenses, etc.
  • Two letters of recommendation, one from your home institute’s direct supervisor, either currently or formerly.
  • A letter from the host institute stating that the applicant’s placement has been approved and is supported.
  • Certificates for any studies that have been completed, such as a bachelor’s, master’s, or medical degree.
  • Transcripts for studies completed as of the present date (exam results, etc.)

Application procedure

  • The language of the application is English.
  • Applications sent by email, letter, or any other means other than the online application site will not be taken into consideration.
  • Applications that are incorrect, incomplete, or outside of the scope won’t be taken into account.
  • Each applicant should submit a single application. Repeated applications will result in the rejection of each submission.

Apply Now

For more details about Bayer Foundation fellowship, refer to Bayer Foundation’s official website.

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