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The Chinese American Medical Society is glad to reveal to you its scholarship offer available for medical students who have proven to be the best and top in their class but are face issues of money.

To find out more about this scholarship, this article is really nice, make sure you read till the end to find out how to go about with the application of this scholarship.

Chinese American Medical Society Scholarships breakdown:

Name of Organization: Chinese American Medical Society.
Deadline: March 31

Benefit of the Chinese American Medical Society Scholarships:

Once you get this scholarship opportunity, stand a chance of getting $ 5,000.

About Chinese American Medical Society Scholarships:

Since the early 1970’s CAMS has been awarded scholarships to outstanding medical students who are seriously in need of financial assistance. Throughout the years, the funding for the scholarship program has been coming from generous donations by CAMS members and friends the Society.

In 1989, the first named scholarship was created by the family of the late Dr. Esther Lim in her memory. In 1996, Dr. George Liu funded a scholarship in memory of his late wife, Ruth Ru-yin Liu. In 2013, the Jeng Family Fund Scholarship was established by Drs. Dai-Yun, Miji, and Christina A. Jeng.

It was established to support medical students with financial hardships. In 2014, a special one-time scholarship was donated by CAMS Member Dr. Robert E. Lee for a medical student that graduated from a public university and was attending a public medical college.

The Tan Family Educational Foundation was able to provide CAMS with the money for 3 additional financial need scholarships in 2020 and 6 additional financial need scholarships in 2021.

Each year between 3 to 5 students are awarded scholarships. Stipends are currently $5,000 per annum. A total of 242 scholarships have been awarded from 1973-2021. The recipients, future young physicians and dentists, are now practicing in many locations, and many are on the faculty of medical schools.

The Society has been successful in continuing the program, which is sustained by the CAMS Educational Fund and 2 remaining named scholarships- Jeng Family Fund Scholarship, Ruth Liu Memorial Scholarship.

It is indeed hard to get a scholarship, but this foundation has taken it upon itself to make life more easier for medical outstanding students. find out how to apply for this sweet scholarship opportunity by reading this blog till the end.

Application process:

For you to apply for this scholarship, you really need to pay careful attention to the following:

  • The application is via email
  • It includes a letter from your schools Dean of studies indicating that you are a good student with a prove of your good academic grades.
  • For more information, full details can be found here.


  • To be qualified for this scholarship opportunity, you must:
  • Be either a first, second or third year medical or dental student.
  • If you are interested in applying for this scholarship, then you must be a current or waiting to be CAMS student members.


This scholarship is not something you should sleep on as it closes by 31 March.

Key Strategy:

Request the recommendation letter from your school’s dean early in the calendar year so that you can submit the fairly simple application as quickly as possible and move on to more involved scholarship applications.



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