Chinese American Physicians Society

The Chinese American Physicians Society is happy to announce to the general public it’s good works in serving humanity better. They bring you sweet life changing scholarship offer that you would love.
To find out more about the Chinese American Physicians Society Scholarship, this blog is here to serve you better, keep reading and make sure you read till the end to get all the information you need to apply for this scholarship opportunity.

Chinese American Physicians Society Scholarship breakdown:

Name of Organization: Chinese American Physician Society
Program: Post graduate
Deadline: May 1
Study in: America

About The Chinese American Physicians Society Scholarship:

Each year between 3 to 5 students are awarded scholarships. Stipends are currently $5,000 per annum. A total of 242 scholarships have been awarded from 1973-2021. The recipients, future young physicians and dentists, are now practicing in many locations, and many are on the faculty of medical schools.

The Chinese American Physicians’ Society (CAPS) was formed by a group of concerned physicians of Chinese descent in 1977 in the San Francisco area. Our current membership consists of various ethnic groups and races. We are one of the corporate members of the Federation of Chinese American and Chinese Canadian Medical Societies (FCMS).
Our main objectives:

  • To eliminate, eradicate and discourage racial prejudice and discrimination in all facets of the medical profession.
  • To encourage, foster and stimulate a greater awareness of the social responsibility of the medical profession to the community.
  • To provide a forum for the exchange and discussion of information concerning problems, new advancements and improvement of skill relating to the field of medicine.
  • To advocate, promote and encourage the expansion and availability of low-cost medical services in socioeconomically disadvantaged communities.

Benefit of Chinese American Physician scholarship:

Once this scholarship is awarded to you, you stand a chance of getting $2,000- 5,000.

Application process:

The process by which you can apply for this scholarship is only via online. Therefore, application is online.
Online application available here.


We know that you will be wondering if you’re qualified to start sending in your application, keep reading because you are just about to find out.
This fellowship/scholarship is available to all students not minding your race/ ethnic group.
Good attention is given to people who willing wants to serve Chinese American Communities Post-graduation.

Key Strategy:

This is a great opportunity if you have an interest in osteopathic medicine and serving community needs.
If you already have experience working within the Asian American community specifically, you will have a distinct advantage when applying to this scholarship.
Consider whether the CAMS values align with your own before applying.



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