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Distinguished Researcher Award:

  • Name of Organization: Oncology Nursing Society
  • Program level of study: Master’s
  • Field of study: Oncology Nursing
  • Application Deadline: 30 Sep
  • Scholarship for: All nationals
  • Scholarship Value: Partial Funding, $2,000 award, a plaque, travel reimbursement
  • Conferences & Travel Grants

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About Oncology Nursing Society:

The Oncology Nursing Society (ONS) is a professional organization dedicated to promoting excellence in oncology nursing and improving the care of patients with cancer. It is one of the largest professional associations for oncology nurses, with a mission to advance the profession of oncology nursing through education, research, and advocacy.

The Oncology Nursing Society was founded in 1975 and has grown to include thousands of members from around the world. It provides a wide range of resources, education programs, and networking opportunities for oncology nurses at various stages of their careers.

The society focuses on several key areas:

Education and Professional Development:

ONS offers a variety of educational resources, including conferences, webinars, publications, and online courses, to help nurses stay updated with the latest advancements in oncology care. They provide specialized certification programs for oncology nurses, including the Oncology Certified Nurse (OCN) credential.

Research and Evidence-Based Practice:

ONS supports and promotes research in oncology nursing to improve patient outcomes and enhance the quality of care. They publish the “Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing,” which features evidence-based practice guidelines, research articles, and clinical insights.

Advocacy and Policy:

The society advocates for the needs of oncology nurses and the patients they serve. They work with policymakers and other stakeholders to shape healthcare policies, regulations, and reimbursement issues related to cancer care.

Networking and Collaboration:

ONS facilitates networking and collaboration among oncology nurses through local chapters, online communities, special interest groups, and volunteer opportunities. These platforms provide opportunities for knowledge exchange, support, and professional growth.

Patient Education and Support:

ONS recognizes the importance of educating and supporting patients and their families throughout the cancer journey. They develop resources and programs to enhance patient understanding, self-care, and decision-making.

The Oncology Nursing Society plays a crucial role in advancing the field of oncology nursing, fostering excellence in patient care, and supporting the professional growth of oncology nurses worldwide.

Details about Distinguished Researcher Award:

Distinguished Researcher Award is being offered for conference and travel grants degree in the field of Oncology Nursing. You can feel free to apply for this scholarship here. The deadline for sending in your application is 30 Sept.

The host of this scholarship is Oncology Nursing Society and the value of this scholarship includes:

  • Partial Funding
  • $2,000 award
  • a plaque
  • travel reimbursement

This scholarship is open for: Open to all nationals.

Eligibility criteria:

The applicants for Distinguished Researcher Award, must be

  • An active ONS member.
  • An ONS member must nominate the applicants.
  • Applicants must have secured a doctorate in nursing or a related field of study.
  • Candidates who have made major contributions towards the scientific foundation for practice can apply for Distinguished Researcher Award.
  • Experience in substantive research of a sustained program is considered.
  • Must have a valid record of publication in oncology.
  • Applicants must have a valid proof that the scientist’s research program has advanced the delivery of quality cancer care by nurses.
  • Must hold certified contributions to ONS.
  • Applicants must have documented contributions to the cancer community-at-large.

How to apply:

For you to be able to apply foe this scholarship, kindly click here.

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