Harvard Medical School Scholarships

The Harvard Medical School Scholarships is glad to announce to medical students it’s scholarship program designed to favour the less privileged medical students. This scholarship program and the amount of scholarship given is been regulated.
Now, you should be very interested right? To find out about how this scholarship is been ran and given, simply do one thing for us, the thing we would love you to do for us is to read this blog till the very end. By so doing, you gain access to all information you need about this scholarship.

About the Harvard Medical School Scholarships

This Scholarship program is a very interesting one as the number and amount of scholarship given to any student is being determined by the financial need of the student. For more information click here!

How is the Harvard Medical School Scholarships funded?

This scholarship is being funded from:

  • Endowed funds
  • Current Fundraising and
  • Unrestricted income.

Benefits of this scholarship:

The benefits you get from this scholarship cannot be overemphasized as a full-need student will be getting a fund which will cover for both:

  • Tuition and
  • Mandatory fees.

Who is Eligible for this scholarship?

The eligibility is determined by removing the institutional expected family contribution from tuition and the mandatory fees.
It is also important to note that the eligibility for institutional scholarship funding is limited to eight semesters of full tuition charges.

Support for HMS scholarships comes from a variety of sources, with donor grants being the main source. Financial help is supported by contributions from individuals, foundations, and organizations through the creation of endowed funds, gifts to currently available financial aid funds, or yearly contributions to the HMS Alumni Fund.

The HMS Office of Resource Development oversees these funding. It can be required of HMS scholarship recipients to thank the benefactors of the awards in writing. Additionally, recipients of these scholarships may be asked for information regarding their premedical training, preferred residency, personal and professional interests, and academic performance. Loss of HMS scholarship funding may come from failure to abide by these requests.

Dean’s REACH Scholarship Award Program

Harvard Medical School works to make sure that all candidates who are accepted to our institution can afford to attend, given the high costs of pursuing a medical degree. A select group of new MD students who exhibit Resilience, Excellence, Achievement, Compassion, and a dedication to Helping the Underserved will receive financing through the Dean’s REACH Scholarship, a need-based, four-year scholarship.

The Committee on Admissions nominates candidates for this honor, and candidates are informed of their nominations when admissions decisions are announced in early March. Recipients of the Dean’s REACH Scholarships must demonstrate financial need. Nominees are required to submit a financial aid application in order to be considered for this scholarship.

Potential recipients are nominated for this award by the Committee on Admissions and are notified of their nomination at the time admissions decisions are released in early March. The Dean’s REACH Scholarships are contingent upon financial need. In order to determine eligibility for this scholarship, nominees must apply for financial aid.
Continuation of this program is contingent upon the availability of funds.

General Restricted Scholarships

HMS shares certain endowed scholarship funds with other units of the University. The Harvard University Committee on General Scholarships administers these multi-school funds. The HMS Financial Aid Office will nominate eligible HMS Scholarship recipients for these funds on the basis of the information provided on the Restricted Fund Survey submitted in the fall of each year.

If an HMS scholarship recipient is selected to receive a general scholarship, the general scholarship funds ordinarily will be used to fund a portion of the student’s regular HMS scholarship award. Thus being selected for a general scholarship changes only the source of funds for the student’s scholarship award; the total amount awarded ordinarily remains unchanged.

Resident Tutor Policy

As part of their reward for service, students who work as Resident Tutors for Harvard College are given free lodging and a free meal plan. This in-kind payment will be considered a resource for financial aid calculations and taken into account when calculating a student’s overall financial aid package. The resident teaching resource typically accounts for 50% of the annual HMS housing costs included in the cost of attendance budget.

MD-PhD Funding

The majority, if not all, of the costs in the typical budget are often covered by MD-PhD financing. Typically, students who get this cash don’t submit applications for extra financial aid. Students may apply for student loans to cover the difference between their MD-PhD funding and the recommended budget if they find that they need to borrow more money. Usually, money for this purpose comes from the Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan Program.

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