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The Imperial College London ICL is glad to bring to the notice of all medical students it’s scholarship program for the year 2023. This scholarship is not a scholarship any medical student should joke with because it is very reliable.
For more information about the ICL scholarship program for 2023, this blog this blog got you covered with loads of information and right source just make sure you read till the end.

About the Imperial College London scholarship:

There are many and uncountable number of entrance scholarship available and offered by the school of medicine. The scholarship award is mainly given to medical students who have strong love to study Medicine.
Though the procedure taken in giving out scholarships to students in the school of medicine has changed, but we still give Scholarships regardless.

For more information please refer to the scholarship Guidelines (2023) (pdf).
Once you follow the guidelines, and you are qualified for the scholarship, you will be contacting for the 2023 entry.

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School of Medicine – Guidelines for Scholarship Awards – 2023

The school of medicine scholarship guidelines is a very straight to the point guide that enables you get it right. First of all, you will be asked to submit an essay for consideration of the award of Scholarship at the imperial college London, school of medicine.

These guideline is here to show you how to successfully write essay and also explain how we will assess the essay work you submit to us. The following will follow:

  • The judges will be drawn from senior members of the School of Medicine’s Admissions team. Two independent judges will read and assess each contribution of award.
  • The final decisions on the awards will be made by the Admissions Tutor on the recommendation of the judges. These decisions are final and there is no appeal procedure.
  • Candidates must have unconditional offer at the School of Medicine to be eligible for the award of a scholarship.
  • Essays must be submitted by 15 September 2023. Whilst the School of Medicine will try to be flexible in cases where students are unable to meet this deadline (if, for instance, abroad) we expect all candidates to do their best to submit their work by this date in the interests of others. The School of Medicine is under no obligation to consider any essay submitted after 15 September 2023.
  • Your essay should meet the 500 word limit give or take 10% and you must include a word count at the end.
  • Before writing your essay we suggest you spend some time researching the topic and collecting relevant material.
  • Your essay should be properly referenced where appropriate (e.g. “Brown (1997) stated that….”). Short quotes are acceptable but the origin must be acknowledged.
  • At the end of your essay you should include a list of references (author, date, title and source). This list is NOT included in your word count.
  • Your essay should be well presented and submitted as an email attachment to feo-admissions- It should have a title page including the essay title, your name, date (month/ year) and category of scholarship (see paragraph 1 above). The title page is NOT included in your word count. You must include a written confirmation that the entire essay is your own work. You should note that plagiarism software may be used when assessing essays submitted for consideration for a scholarship.

We will send you an email to acknowledge receipt of your essay.

In arriving at their decisions the judges will consider:

  • Originality of thought or argument.
    Use of logical argument.
  • Evidence of careful consideration of research material.
  • Clarity of expression.
  • Correct use of English.
  • Correct spelling.
  • Presentation.

We look forward to reading your essay.


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