Japanese Medical Society of America

The Japanese Medical Society of America happily brings to you it’s Scholarship offer. This offer is a life changing one and is for medical students.

For more information on this scholarship offer, we advice you read this article till the end because it contains all you need to know.

The Japanese Medical Society of America Scholarship breakdown:

  • Name of organization: Japanese Medical Society of America
  • Program: Undergraduate and Masters
  • Deadline: December 31
  • Study in: America

About Japanese Medical Society of America:

JMSA is an organization based in New York, comprised of Japanese healthcare providers, students, and those from diverse backgrounds who support promoting health, science and research among the Japanese communities in the US and Japan.

With the increasing introduction of western medicine, medical research and peer support among doctors developed during the Meiji period of the late 1800s.

In 1879, medical practitioners who subscribed to the practice of kampo medicine (traditional Chinese medicine) began to organize themselves in response to Western medicine’s growing presence in post-Meiji restoration Japan. Those physicians formed the Imperial Medical Association in 1890 to advocate for the practice of Chinese (kampo) medicine, but the IMA was dissolved in 1898.

As the medical profession continued to develop in line with Western scientific advances of the time, the public wanted to legally regulate medical organizations.

In 1906, statutory procedures were implemented to organize professional association activities at the prefectural and local municipality levels, and to require physicians practicing medical services outside of the public hospitals system to join the member association branch in the locality where they practice medicine.

Regional medical associations had emerged during the period after 1906, but no national organization existed to regulate the 30,000 medical doctors practicing outside the national university and Imperial armed forces hospital systems.

An attempt to organize physicians on a national level was made under the name Japan Allied Medical Association (Nippon Rengō Ishikai) in 1914, but the association failed to enlist a sufficient number of prefectural-level medical associations.

Dollar amount/ Benefit of Japanese Medical Society of America:

The amount of dollar awarded for this scholarship is currently not made known to the general public but from the past awards, it ranged from $2,500- $12,000.

Application process:

The application is done online and the for is available here, just keep reading.

A proposal for a project that supports the mission of the JMSA is included. Examples of past projects include “a service to connect elderly Japanese patients with health care” and “a medical blog in Japanese detailing the experiences of a medical student in America.”

Application for JMSA Scholarship

Requirements for the application
1) Completion of the application form, including a proposal for a scholarship project
2) Proof of active JMSA membership (Email confirmation screenshot, etc)
3) Current CV
4) A current headshot photo of yourself
5) A letter of recommendation (preferably from your current institution), must be emailed directly from the recommender to JMSAScholarship@jmsa.org before the deadline of December 31.
6) The application must be sent in full before the deadline to be considered for the scholarship.

All scholarship recipients are required to
• Submit a 6-month interim report and final report on their project, working with JMSA mentor
• Attend the scholarship award ceremony in Spring 2021

Background Information:

  • First Name:
  • Last Name:
  • Full name in Japanese, if known (Kanji / Katakana):
  • Address:
  • Email:
  • Are you a US Citizen or a Green Card Holder?
  • Are you currently a graduate student?
  • Medical / Graduate School attending/attended:
  • Current year:
  • Year of Graduation:
  • Are you currently working as a fellow/resident/postdoc?
  • Please list your employer / hospital affiliation:
  • Undergraduate School:
  • Major:
  • Degree:
  • Years attended:
  • Undergraduate GPA:
  • Please list standardized testing scores that you have (MCAT, USMLE, etc):

Briefly describe how you are financing your education/training:

Scholarship Project

• All scholarship applicants are required to propose a scholarship project that benefits the communities you serve
• Please describe your project, why you are applying for a scholarship for JMSA and how your work will contribute to the mission of JMSA.

Title of the Project:

1-Page Proposal:


To be qualified for this scholarship, you as an applicant must:

  • Be a member of JMSA.
  • Be presently enrolled in a healthcare related graduate school or be a postgraduate medical professional in training such as: resident, fellow or postdoc.
  • Be very familiar with Japanese Kanji and/or Katakana.

Key Strategy:

This scholarship asks applicants to write their names in Kanji or Katakana and will also expect them to have some Japanese language skills in order to effectively prove an applicant’s interest in furthering the goals of JMSA.

Japanese kanji is notoriously difficult to master and many native Japanese people don’t know the kanji used in highly technical industries, such as medicine.

Highlighting your medical Japanese language skills throughout your application will make you stand out.



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