John snow scholarship

John Snow Scholarship is proudly sponsored by the Australasian Faculty of Public Health Medicine. The AFPHM as the principal faculty for public health medicine training in Australasia, works hard in making sure that medical students gets the best opportunities for intellectual and social discourse through the AFPHM fellows and trainees.

John Snow Scholarship through the Australasian Faculty of Public Health Medicine (AFPHM) aims to increase the awareness among medical students to help them identify public health medicine as a medical specialty or potential career path.

They also open your eyes to the main work of a public health medicine physician which basically is to ensure that the population is cared for and are also in good health.

If you’re a medical student or hoping to join medical line, this blog is for you. Keep scrolling for more information on the how to apply for the John Snow scholarship as the scholarship is open for 2023.

John Snow Scholarship breakdown

  • Name of Organization: John Snow Scholarship
  • Department: NA
  • Program: Master’s
  • Award: Cash prize and Certificate
  • Mode of application: Online
  • Numbers of award: NA
  • Nationality: All
  • Country: Australasia.

Eligibility Criteria

For you to be qualified to apply for John Snow Scholarship you must be a medical student and you must also be currently enrolled in a medical school at an Australian or Aotearoa New Zealand university.

Benefits attached to John Snow Scholarship.

The benefit you can get if selected to be awarded the John Snow Scholarship can not be over emphasized. This is because all selected regional representatives will receive:

  • $250 cash prize and
  • A certificate in recognition of your achievement

Now if you eventually win the John Snow Scholarship for this year 2023, you will be awarded

  • $500 cash prize and
  • A certificate in recognition of your achievement

Why apply?

This is not one to sleep on guys because the scholarship recipient receives

  • Short term and
  • Immediate benefits.

You know what this benefit can do for you now.
Keep reading to find out how you can apply for this wonderful scholarship opportunity.

Application guidelines

Applicants must read the terms and conditions before applying. When applying for the Scholarship, you’ll need to provide the following supporting documentation (in a single PDF file):
A piece of work previously submitted for total assessment to your medical school.

This can also be a public health project in the form of a case history, reflection, evidence-based medicine project or clinical audit from your professional portfolio.

Note: The piece is not assessed as part of the application but is required to ensure that the Scholarship is accessible to all medical students and not only those who have completed extracurricular public health study or work.

A reflection piece (800 to 1000 words) demonstrating your understanding of:
one to two selected themes and learning objectives from the Public Health Medicine Advanced Training Curriculum (PDF)
Public health in general, by undertaking a medical school assessment piece.

A presentation plan (500 words maximum) describing how you would present the assessment piece and the reflection if chosen as a scholarship recipient.

A letter of support from the University (DOC) confirming that you’re currently enrolled as a student and that the piece of work you are presenting has been submitted for total assessment. The letter should be signed by the Dean of your Medical School.
A completed application form.

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Email your complete application to

Applicants must ensure:

Your name or any personal identifying information must not appear in the selected piece of work, reflection or presentation plan to allow for unbiased selection.

References are formatted in Vancouver style as required by the Medical Journal of Australia
if your total Assessment piece is a group project, then you are required to submit an individual application with your individual opinion showing that you have learned, and not the group learnings
Selection process
Applications are de-identified and assessed by each AFPHM Regional Committee based on the selection criteria and marking guide.

Each AFPHM Regional Committee will select a regional finalist and advise all applicants of the outcome of their application
At the end of everything, people selected from each Australian state and territory and Aotearoa New Zealand will be invited to present virtually at the finals in 2023, where the presentations will be judged by a panel, and an overall winner selected.


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