Joseph Collins Foundation Fellowships

To get a scholarship is pretty hard most times but once you’re an outstanding student, getting it becomes very easy as Joseph Collins Foundation Fellowships offer Scholarship to medical outstanding student.

To find out more about this scholarship opportunity, you’re at the right place because this blog contains all you need to know just make sure you read till the end to get more information on how to apply and possibly get this scholarship.

Joseph Collins Foundation Fellowships breakdown:

Name of organization: Joseph Collins Foundation Fellowships

Deadline: March 1

About Joseph Collins Foundation Fellowships:

The Joseph Collins Foundation is a private foundation located in New York, NY that primarily funds to enable meritorious and needy young students to attend medical schools. Last year, the Foundation made one grant and handed out 80 grants (3 grants were returned and 3 void).

The foundation makes annual grants only to students with inadequate resources, in attendance at medical schools in states east of or contiguous to the Mississippi River, in sums not exceeding $10,000. Grants also for tuition to needy second through fourth year undergraduate medical students on the recommendation of medical school authorities. Students must stand in the upper half of their class, intend to specialize in neurology or psychiatry, or to become a general practitioner, and have outside cultural interests


Benefit of Joseph Collins Foundation Fellowships:

This scholarship once gotten gives you $10,000 and this ca go a long way in helping you through your academic pursuit.

Application process:

For the application process, the different institutions demands for an application and the students involved must have to fill the application form.


We know that at this point, you must be eager to find out of you’re qualified to apply for this scholarship or not. That’s why we are here to let you know and also guide you in all step.

For you to be eligible, you as a student must:

  • Have a variety of interests and an evidence that shows that you have pursued those interests, the interest should be outside the medical field example of such include:
  • Involvement in arts and literature
  • Theater
  • Other cultural pursuits.
  • Applicant must also be attending a college east of the Mississippi.
  • Be among the top half of your class.
  • Have a plan to specialize in neurology, psychiatry or general practice.

To get more information about the fellowship, you can see it listing here (which also includes a variety of scholarships for students in the state of North Carolina and for students interested in particular specialties).

Key Strategy:

While writing the application essay, don’t just focus on writing a broad autobiography alone ensure you stay focused on your achievement in arts and artistic experiences that you’ve had while studying medicine.


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