Pisacano Scholars Leadership Program

Pisacano Scholars Leadership Program saves the day by bringing to medical students who are also interested in family medicine and those with leadership skills the opportunity to study in the United States under scholarship.

For more information on this scholarship, how to apply and other information you need, keep reading this article to find out more.

Pisacano Scholars Leadership Program breakdown:

  • Name of Organization: Pisacano Scholars Leadership program
  • Program: post graduate
  • Deadline: March 1
  • Study in: America

About Pisacano Scholars Leadership Program:

Dr. Pisacano was born in Philadelphia and later practiced medicine there for seven years. He received his bachelor of arts degree from Western Maryland College and his doctorate degree in medicine from the Hahnemann School of Medicine in Philadelphia. He completed his residency at Stamford Hospital in Connecticut.

Dr. Pisacano is widely accredited as one of the leaders in the effort to have Family Practice recognized as a major specialty. His perseverance was finally rewarded in 1969 when the American Board of Family Practice was founded. Dr. Pisacano was a strong advocate of the original precepts laid down by Hippocrates.

He believed that the welfare of the patient was utmost and that physicians should be broadly educated. Thus followed Dr. Pisacano’s strong belief in the importance of the humanities in each physician’s education. He clearly recognized that physicians need technical medical expertise, but they also need the personal skills necessary to relate to their patients.

Dr. Pisacano did not find favorable the displacement of interpersonal medicine that came with high technology. In fact, he said that “we should embrace superspecialism and high technology only as they contribute to the welfare of human beings.” If technology did replace some of the physician’s duties, Dr. Pisacano believed that more time should be spent on interpersonal relations.

Dr. Pisacano did not accept mediocrity; instead he believed strongly in striving for excellence. A part of this striving for excellence demands that physicians give back to their profession in an act of unselfish caring and giving. Excellence is ultimately measured by the impact of the specialty on the health of the people.

The American Board of Family Practice ABFP was  established in memory of Nicholas J. Pisacano, MD Foundation in January 1991 (which is now known as the Pisacano Leadership Foundation) as an enduring tribute to the founder and first Executive Director of the ABFP.

Thus Dr. Pisacano’s belief that “family practice is the keystone specialty in American medicine,” and that “we will do everything in our power to preserve, enhance, and improve it.”

With these ideals in mind, the Pisacano Leadership Foundation seeks to support and advance the careers of accomplished students and physicians in the field of family medicine who have demonstrated the leadership qualities which Dr. Pisacano embodied.

In 1962 Dr. Pisacano was recruited from his practice in Philadelphia to join the faculty at the University of Kentucky in Lexington, Kentucky.

Benefit of this scholarship:

The dollar amount you will get once you are privileged to get this scholarship is a Dept reimbursement that is up to $28,000.

Application process:

All physical application must be sent as a mail.


To be qualified, you must:

  • Be entering your 4th year in medical school.
  • have made your intentions clear that you will go for family medicine as your area of specialty.

Key Strategy:

Overachiever are the best people for their Scholarship opportunity because this scholarship is a very competitive one.
While writing your essay and answering questions, it is very important you write more on your leadership roles if you have any and also your experience in family medicine.
Including the above mentioned in your essay will increase your chances of getting the scholarship as must of the applicants have high academic performance.

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