Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowships

The Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowships for New Americans is very happy to bring to you its life changing scholarship. If you are looking scholarship or maybe you’re applying to med school and wondering what you can do to lighten the financial load of your education, read on because in this blog, you’ll find all you need and even more.

The Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowships breakdown:

  • Name of Organization: Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowships.
  • Program: Masters
  • Deadline: October 28
  • Study in: U.S

About the Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowships:

Paul and Daisy Soros, Hungarian immigrants and American philanthropists, established their Fellowship program for New Americans—immigrants and children of immigrants—in December of 1997 with a charitable trust of fifty million dollars. They created the program as a way to give back to the country that had afforded their family such great opportunities.

Mr. and Mrs. Soros decided on a fellowship program because it allowed them to assist young New Americans at critical points in their educations, which they felt was an unmet need. They also wished to call attention to the extensive and diverse contributions of New Americans to the quality of life in the United States.

In 2010, Mr. and Mrs. Soros contributed an additional twenty five million to the charitable trust that funds their Fellowships for New Americans. For details, see the Wall Street Journal article.

Mr. Soros passed away on Saturday June 15, 2013 at the age of 87. His inspiring personal story, his commitment to American constitutional democracy, and his visionary philanthropy are fundamental to the Fellowship program. A New York Times obituary detailing his life story and many contributions is available online.

The Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowships for New Americans program honors the contributions of immigrants and children of immigrants to the United States. Each year, we invest in the graduate education of 30 New Americans—immigrants and children of immigrants—who are poised to make significant contributions to US society, culture or their academic field. Each Fellow receives up to $90,000 in financial support over two years, and they join a lifelong community of New American Fellows.

Benefit of this Fellowships:

This scholarship offer is a really nice one because once you are awarded with it, you stand a chance of getting $90,000 over two years.

Application process:

  • All application materials must be submitted online through the online application.
  • Any hard copies of materials received will not be included in the application or returned to the sender.

The application includes the following sections:

  • A confirmation of your eligibility
  • Your personal and contact information
  • Your higher-education history
  • The graduate program[s] for which you seek support
  • Recommendations (3 required, up to 5 accepted)
  • Required submissions: Resume, two essays, transcripts (college, graduate), scores of standardized tests (if they are or were required for admission to your graduate program)
  • Optional exhibits

Every other information you need can be found here.

Who is qualified to apply for this scholarship:

For you to be eligible to apply for this scholarship, you as a student must:

  • Be under 31 years old.
  • Be the child of parents born outside of the U.S as non-U.S. citizens.

Key Strategy:

The Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowships requires two essays as part of the Fellowships application. The essays are an important part of your application.

They provide an opportunity to tell the selection team who you are, how you have come to this point in your life and work, and what you hope to do in the future. While your resume and transcripts will tell some of this story, your essays will tie everything together.

You need to go through the essay guide provided on the fellowship’s website.

This scholarship opportunity is another one that is open to the general student population, meaning your premed path will naturally help you stand out from the crowd if you focus on your passion for medicine in your writing.


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